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Be aware of cultural and educational events, leisure and sports activities, interesting and useful meetings happening nearby!

Anyone can add a new event and share it with friends by creating their own Profile in the app.

The Podiya is an application created by Ukrainians and for Ukrainians!

Find the useful information at the right time

Explore events nearby

From small workshops, cultural events, educational classes to large-scale projects and festivals!

Attend an event

Find an interesting event for yourself, your child or for whole family! All information at hand and always at right time!

Save event in your calendar

Save an event in the calendar so that you never miss the most interesting things!

Organize your own an event

Have an interesting idea? Share it with other Ukrainians!

How does it work?

Download the app and sign up for free

We do care about the quality of the content, so we may verify the information before it will appear in the application! Would you like to join the team of our volunteers? Then don't hesitate - fill out the application form on our website!

Don't miss an interesting event

Useful information in one place at the right time! Save it in your calendar so you don't miss it!

Add yor own event!

Ready to organize your own vocal master class or math lesson? Create your profile and add information about your event! We'll review it, and then it'll appear in the app right away!


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